Easy Sweet 16 Party Ideas

Planning a party can be a tough job. This is especially true if one is planning a sweet sixteen birthday party. Thankfully, there are a few sweet 16 party ideas that will keep both parents and teenagers happy.

Listed below are some sweet 16 party ideas that are easy to implement.

- Dinner and a movie. This is ideal for teenagers that don’t want to make a big deal about their birthday. They can spend the night with their closest friends without having to splash out on a big party.

- A slumber party. Sixteen year old girls love slumber parties. They can dress in their pajamas, watch movies, eat junk food and play games.

- A backyard BBQ. This type of party is ideal for people that want to invite both their friends and family to their party. If the BBQ is on a hot summer day, the kids can break out their water guns and have a water fight!

- A tropical themed party. A summer birthday can be spiced up with exotic flowers and a luau style buffet.

- A pool party. Pool parties are a great option in the summertime. However, parents should ensure that they are watching their guests while they are in the water.

- Beach party. A day at the beach could consist of a picnic and beach games. Parties in the nighttime may have a bonfire and a BBQ.

- A costume party. Special birthdays are one of the few events that people can use to ask guests to dress up! Costume parties are a lot of fun and are very memorable.

How to Plan and Set Up a Sweet 16 Birthday Party

Parents should have just as much input into planning this party as the birthday girl. If adults are actively involved in the planning process, the chances of something going wrong is drastically reduced.

The first step in planning this type of party is deciding who is on the guest list. Teenagers may not want to invite their family to the party. If this happens, parents need to ensure that there is an adult present in case something goes wrong.

If the teenager wants to invite specific people and leave others out, they should be aware of the consequences of their actions. People who are not invited to the party may have hurt feelings. While it is not possible to invite everybody, teenagers need to be able to deal with the aftermath of their party.

Next, the event organizer will have to select a venue. Most people will be able to get away with holding their party at their home. If the guest list is large, the organizers may have to hire a venue.

Once the location, date and time of the party has been determined, it will be time to send out invitations. Consumers can either buy pre-made invitations or they can have some custom made. When custom invites are created, they should fit the theme of the party.

On the night of the sweet 16 party, parents will need to take care of the following tasks:

- Ensure that the birthday girl/boy is around to greet guests.
- Place presents in a safe location and arrange for them to be opened in front of the guests.
- Keep an eye on guests and make sure that they have not brought alcohol to the party.
- Keep food and drinks out so that guests can help themselves when they are hungry or thirsty.
- If the party gets out of control, call the police or guests parents.
- Keep an eye on noise levels so that the neighbors do not get annoyed.
- Ask the birthday girl and guests to take plenty of photos so that there are keepsakes from the night.

Ideally, parents will speak to their neighbors and inform them that there will be a party on a specific date. Doing this will lessen the chances of neighbors making complaints.

The above tips may sound like scaremongering however teenage parties have been known to get out of hand. If parents keep tabs on what is going on, the guests will have a good time without getting into trouble.

Parents may be worried that their child does not want them at their party. While this may be true, parents cannot leave their children and their guests alone in the house. They are minors and the parents will be held responsible if anything happens. That being said, parents can make themselves scarce by watching television in another room.

Although extravagant sweet 16 party ideas are in the media, these parties are not the norm. The only people who spend that kind of money on parties are the children of millionaires. Regular teenagers are likely to be happy with a simple party with their friends.

The term “sweet sixteen” is used to mark a very special time in a girl’s life. This time is celebrated because girls are leaving their childhood behind and going into adulthood. As such, this time should be celebrated with a very special sweet sixteen party.

Ultimately, the type of party chosen will depend on the girl’s personal needs. Somebody who is very sociable may not want a quiet party and vice versa.

Parents should discuss what the teenager wants to get out of her party and then plan to make it happen. Most sweet 16 events are affordable and do not take much time to plan.

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